Prose and Cons: Sculpture and Drawing by Nicola Hicks

Prose and Cons: Sculpture and Drawing by Nicola Hicks Date: 4 November 1999 – 30 January 2000 Space: Air Gallery (now Gallery 4) First Scottish solo show of English sculptor Nicola Hicks, known for her loosely rendered sculptures of animals, humans, and mythical creatures. For this exhibition, her drawings of animals were presented alongside sculptures … More Prose and Cons: Sculpture and Drawing by Nicola Hicks

109-Table of Elements: An Audio Visual Exploration

109-Table of Elements: An Audio Visual Exploration Date: 25 February –  3 June 2000 Space: Fire Gallery (now GoMA Library) 109 – Table of Elements is an installation using a range of media, from 2- and 3D digitally generated imagery, web work, animation to video and soundscapes, with the aim of creating an artistic representation … More 109-Table of Elements: An Audio Visual Exploration

Jesus 2000 Commission

Jesus 2000 Commission Date: Spring 2000 Space: Stone Room The Jesus 2000 Commission was run to commemorate the Millennium and the 2000 years of Christianity, a significant anniversary in the Christian Calendar. This exhibition brings together proposals made by six artists shortlisted for the award. These artists come from a range of different backgrounds and … More Jesus 2000 Commission

Inspiring Creativity

Inspiring Creativity Date: 5 May – 18 June 2000 Space: Temporary Exhibition (Gallery 2) Exhibition of outcome of project run by Project Ability to highlight the positive contribution that adults with learning disabilities can make to the visual arts. The List Listings

Artism 2000

Artism 2000 Date: 18 May – 2 July 2000 Space: Ellipse (Balconies) Exhibition of art works created by people with autism. This exhibition was launched at GoMA as part of Autism-Europe 2000, with commissions for people on the autism spectrum to create and exhibit art works in public. The Scottish Society for Autism in partnership … More Artism 2000


Infinitude Date: 29 June 2000 – 1 January 2001 Space: Fire Gallery (now Library @ GoMA) Exhibition of works by Scottish artists -among others- exploring the possibilities of new technologies and marking a trend in new media (video projection, video installation, lightworks, digital painting, photographic experiments, interactive and computer-based artwork). This exhibition marks a curatorial … More Infinitude

Petty Crimes

Petty Crimes Date: 21 July – 24 September 2000 Space: Temporary Exhibition (Gallery 3) Exhibition of work, in a range of media (photography, painting, sculpture, video art), exploring the nature of child’s play. In this exhibition children play out different roles and adopt many different masks, each mirroring the multiplicity and changing nature of the … More Petty Crimes