that now (2013) Sarah Forrest, Ripples on the Pond: Moving Image Programme

‘that now’ (2013) Sarah Forrest, courtesy & © the artist
‘that now’ (2013) Sarah Forrest, courtesy & © the artist

that now (2013) Sarah Forrest running time 10 minutes 5 seconds 10 July – 17 September 2015 As part of the Moving Image Programme for Ripples on the Pond, GoMA is delighted to present that now (2013) by Sarah Forrest. There will also be a new edition on Sarah Forrest’s work by Modern Edinburgh Film School available in August and a screening event (16 August) programmed by her in partnership with LUX Scotland. More details to be announced on that soon.

“I had wanted to write it like a statement of facts, with each line beginning with the word ‘that’ creating a non hierarchal text where memory, mood, thoughts, feelings might all be seen as facts, I had been thinking a lot at the time about feeling and knowing and why one is more qualified than the other as fact. The narrative is of an uncanny moment where a woman encounters another who shares her name, as well as her signature.” Sarah Forrest 2015

Sarah Forrest made that now following a six week stay on Orkney for the inaugural Margaret Tait Residency, which she won in 2012. Forrest approaches each new project with a particular question or focus which unfolds and is examined through the development of the work. Often she will not know the medium of the work at beginning of the research, however for that now she knew that it would screened in a cinema, where a particular context, framed by time and the ritual of viewing, is set up for the work. Forrest sought to explore the space beyond this context by a narrated moment in the film, which addresses what may occur beyond the edge of the film.

Forrest shot footage on Orkney, which she then projected in the domestic setting of her flat in Glasgow on her return from the island. The dislocation of place and the re-filming of film sets up questions about what is real and how we encounter place and the ‘everyday’. There is also the suggestion of another layer of duplicity beyond the edge of the film, as it is screened and re-filmed within the flat.

The influence of Margaret Tait can been seen in the work. The capturing of fragments, of the mundane, of the everyday and the influence of the landscape of Orkney are key in Tait’s work and evident in that now. The addition of the narrator, the artist herself, noticing fragments of incidental observations of facts, feelings and thoughts seemingly direct us through the film. It reads like the transcript for the everyday, seeming to happen rather than to be told. ‘You will know the particular way in which time stood still’ says the narrating voice, and we think of the acts of film or story-making, the way they suspend us in time in order to build a new experience of time.

Sarah Forrest (b. 1981 Dundee) is an artist based in Glasgow and her practice incorporates video, writing, object making and performance presented in a variety of forms including gallery based installations, single screen presentations in cinemas and exhibitions, publications and readings or performances. Forrest graduated from the MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2010, during which time she studied at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Recent group exhibitions include: Concrete Ribs (2015) with Helen de Main and Carla Scott Fullerton, Govanhill Baths; In the Shadow of the Hand (2015) with Virginia Hutchison; Mood is Made, Temperature is Taken,(2014) curated by Quinn Latimer, Glasgow Sculpture Studios; Reclaimed: The Second Life of Sculpture, (2014) Glasgow International; I will wear a plastic guise / I will wear a fabric guise (2014), Dog Park, Christ Church, New Zealand, Next to Perplexed you, (2013) curated by Jan Verwoert: Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna. Solo Shows include : Sarah Forrest, Supplement, London, 2014; CCA Glasgow (with Mounira Al Solh), 2013; Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence, Supplement, London, 2012. In 2012 Sarah Forrest won the Margret Tait Residency Award.

‘that now’ (2013) Sarah Forrest, courtesy & © the artist
‘that now’ (2013) Sarah Forrest, courtesy & © the artist

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