Alasdair Gray Season: ‘Spheres of Influence II’

An amazing exhibition up at GSA, curated by Jenny Brownrigg and part II of Spheres of Influence for the Alasdair Gray Season (until 25 January 2015). The Alasdair Gray Season celebrates Gray at eighty years old. Devised by Sorcha Dallas it is focussed on Alasdair Gray’s visual work, with exhibitions and events across venues including The Glasgow School of Art, GOMA, Kelvingrove Museum and Glasgow Print Studio. ‘Spheres of Influence I’ is at GoMA until 25 May 2015

Jenny Brownrigg

Reid Gallery, Reid Building, The Glasgow School of Art, 164 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G3 6RF

22 Nov 2014-25 Jan 2015

Aubrey Beardsley, Oliver Braid, Eric Gill, Alasdair Gray, Peter Howson, Dorothy Iannone, David Kindersley and Lida Lopes Cardozo, Stuart Murray, My Bookcase, Denis Tegetmeier, Hanna Tuulikki

This exhibition provides alternative readings of Alasdair Gray’s visual practice, through the prism of others’. Spheres of Influence II includes both historical and contemporary pieces from the realms of visual art, design and illustration. Gray’s work forms the central point around which the other works orbit. The broad themes drawn from Gray’s oeuvre include graphic style; symbolism; text and image; lettering and the alphabet; portraiture and identity; labour; religion; war; love and sexuality. The exhibition includes four new commissions by Oliver Braid, Stuart Murray, My Bookcase and Hanna Tuulikki. The new commissions and event programme are funded by Outset Scotland in association with YPO.

'Spheres of Influence II', Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art (2014). Photo: Alan Dimmick ‘Spheres…

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